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The Los Angeles School Police Department is currently holding a Police Activities League Program also known as (PAL) every Tuesday evening from 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. at 32nd Street Magnet School located at 822 W. 32nd Street, Los Angeles, California. The PAL Program welcomes all children from 10-13 year olds. 
Our program consists of approximately five Police Officers (Advisors) who assist with supervising the meetings by teaching, speaking and interacting with the participants. The Advisors are responsible for teaching and speaking on an array of various topics that demonstrate positive and effective communications skills in order to maintain positive behavior. They also interact with children while playing various sporting activities as well.
Exercise self-control
Taking Responsibility for "Your Actions"
Obeying School Rules and the Law
Bullying and How to Cope with Bullying
Drugs and Alcohol
Current Events
Building Searches with Nerf Guns
Penal Codes/ Department Ranking Challenge
50 States Challenge
Agility Challenge
Dance Off - Boys VS Girls
Field Trips to Various Locations
and much more.
For more information please contact:
Officer Michelle Reese
(213) 422-8939