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Safe Passages Motor Task Force & Parking Enforcement Unit

Sergeant Patrick Lynch
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The Los Angeles School Police Department's Motor Unit was formed in 2002. The unit’s main focus is to provide traffic safety for the students while traveling to and from school.
The LASPD Motor officers are responsible for providing driver, pedestrian, and cyclist safety awareness through traffic education, engineering, enforcement and investigations.  
In addition, LASPD Safe Passages Motorcycle Task Force coordinate and assist in the implementation of the Safety Valet Program for schools. The Safety Valet Program involves committed volunteer parents and school administration to provide a safe way for students to exit their vehicles and enter the campuses. They provide training for all of the LAUSD personnel and volunteers within this program.
The LASPD Motor Unit has participated in numerous press conferences raising the level of awareness on the importance of teenage drivers, texting while driving, DUI, prom night celebrations, railroad safety crossings and seatbelt enforcement. These campaigns consistently targeted the safety of LAUSD students and their parents.

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