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Your vacancy must be published a minimum of ten (10) business days. This does not include lead time.*
To publish your non-classroom teacher vacancy:
  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Log in using your LAUSD Single Sign-On (SSO.)
  3. Click on the Post Non-Classroom Teacher Vacancy tab.
  4. Enter required information.
  5. Attach PDF job flyer or enter job description.
  6. Submit.

Click here to submit your request.
(You must be on the LAUSD network to access this website.) 


District policy requires Out of Classroom Teacher positions to provide direct instruction to students. Incumbents must provide direct instruction to students for at least the percentage of time noted on the template flyer below. Principals (or Assistant Principals as designated by the Principal) will be responsible for monitoring that incumbents are providing direct instruction to students as part of their assignment for the specified percentage noted.  These positions and their duties will be reviewed annually and percentages will be readjusted as necessary.

Inquiries on Non-Classroom Teacher assignments may be directed to William Masis, Personnel Specialist. For technical support regarding this website please contact HR Information Technology Support.
*Allow up to 48 hours to process your request (excludes weekends, holidays, extensions of previously published vacancies).


Please use Flyer Templates: