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 My Math PD Facilitated Modules 2016-2017 (scroll down for 2015-2016 modules)
 Classroom Lesson Videos:
Marilyn Burns Lesson, Grade 3  
My Math Primary  
 Kathy Richardson Lesson Kindergarten
 My Math lesson grade 5
Engage NY lesson grade 2  
Investigating Vertical Alignment:  Number and Operations Base Ten, TK - Grade 5
Powerpoint             Place Value Handout           Vertical Alignment Chart
Multilingual-Multicultural/Math Protocols for English Learners, with Integrated ELD, including:
Three Reads, Math Interview and Math Summit Protocols, Videos, Posters and Model Lessons 
EAPO 9.15.16
LD-West Principals Institute 8.5.16
Using SBA Summative Results for Long Term Planning
Additional Resources: (HO9)  San Luis Obispo County Office of Education, SBAC Threshold Achievement Level Descriptors (ALD)
Grade 3     Grade 4    Grade 5    Grade 6 
SBAC IAB Hand Scoring
Powerpoint for Performance Tasks 2.23.16
My Math Technology PD Support
downloadable version
 My Math Professional Development Facilitated Modules 2015-2016
Summer 2015 Textbook PD, "Building a Common Core Math Classroom"

CCSS Curriculum Maps, Grades K-2

 CCSS Planning, Grades K-1 
 K & 1
CCSS Math Lesson Planner
NBT Curriculum Map
Geometry Curriculum Map
enVision Lesson 8-8B
enVision Lesson 8-8C 
CCSS Speaking and Listening, Grades K-1
Concept Lessons and Thinking Through the Lesson Protocol, Grade 2
CCSS enVision MATH, Grades K-2
 Powerpoint       Facilitator Guide                              Participant Workbook                                           


CCSS Fractions Progressions, Grades 2-5

CCSS Planning for Content and Practice, Grades 2-5
 Powerpoint  Notes

 CCSS Math Follow-up, Grades 2-5

 CCSS Speaking and Listening Follow-up, Grades 2-5
Concept Lessons and Thinking Through the Lesson Protocol, Grades 2-5
English Learner Strategies for Math:  Daily Oral Language and Cognitively
Guided Instruction, Grades 2-3
English Learner Strategies for Math:  with Dr. Santa Cruz, Grades 2-3
Math Myths 1, Misconceptions, Grades K-5
 Math Myths 2, Addition, Grades K-5
Math Myths 3, Subtraction, Grades K-5
Math Myths 4a, Basic Facts Prerequisites, Grades K-5
Math Myths 4b, Basic Facts Prerequisites, Grades K-5
 Powerpoint  Handouts