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This section's primary responsibility is the administration of the District’s self-insurance property and casualty insurance programs, along with the managing of the District’s excess insurance policy purchases and coverages, including programs such as the student accident and voluntary health programs, and special events liability coverage.
Civic Center Permits
Coordinates the review of
insurance and risk liability
for use of district facilities
by youth and community
Field Trips
Facilitates the approval of
all field trips for schools and
Finger Print Program
Fingerprinting Program:
Manages clearance of
criminal background checks for
contractors who may come into
contact with students.
Profetional Contracts
Establishes, reviews, and maintains
insurance requirements for all
professional service contracts.
Self Insurance
Fulfills requests from schools and offices to provide third parties with proof
of District insurance coverage.
Special Events
Reviews insurance and indemnification requirements for any activity held or
sponsored by non-LAUSD entities on District property.
Voluntary Insurance Program Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Program:
Provides Board mandated student insurance for one day field trips, school
busing, etc. and voluntary insurance to those who desire supplemental medical
accident coverage and cannot qualify through the LAUSD Champs program.