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Elementary Curriculum Map

Elementary Curriculum Map

Recommended Routines to Start the Year in Elementary: 

Gr K-2 Curriculum Guides for schools implementing Early Language and Literacy Plan
Gr K-2 Curriculum Maps with Treasures alignment and detailed cross-curricular information:
Gr 3-5 Curriculum Maps - Cycles 1-2-3
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Curriculum Map Grades 3-5
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 Curriculum Map Grades 3-5
K-5 Interim Assessment Blueprint for 2015-16
Rev August 3, 2015
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Links for NGSS Engineering Resources:

Engineering is Elementary    www.eie.org

Teach Engineering     www.teachengineering.org

Design Squad     pbskids.org/designsquad

Engineer Girl    www.engineergirl.org

NASA    www.nasa.gov/audience/foreducators

Science Buddies  www.sciencebuddies.org


Curriculum Map Support 

Understanding the what and why of the 3-5 ELA Curriculum Map.
These Claims and Targets also form the architecture of the SBAC assessments.

Click below for "shortcut" versions of the claims and targets: 
Claims and Targets synopsis resources - longer and more detailed with standards written out:
Grade 3 Claims-Targets-Standards Alignment
Grade 4 Claims-Targets-Standards Alignment