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All schools use technology as a tool to differentiate and personalize instruction, increase academic rigor, and build student ownership of learning using a portfolio of student-centered school models.


Our mission is to prepare all students to be digital learners who use technology as a tool to graduate ready for success in college and careers.

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Dr. Puentedura The Father of SAMR


Dr.Puentedura is the creator of the SAMR model. SAMR is reflective tool that teachers can apply in order to transform teaching and learning from modification to redefinition. In this webinar, Dr. Puentedura addresses the different misconceptions around his work by sharing his current research which compares the SAMR model to Bloom’s Taxonomy.

ITI Recommendations Trailer

Within the Scalar platform, each recommendation will be annotated with videos, pictures, and research to help readers develop a comprehensive understanding of what it will take to enact personalized learning District-wide.
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Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day The Los Angeles Unified School District is participating in Data Privacy Day. To learn more teaching online safety, click here.  #PrivacyAware

In the Spotlight
  • ITI Celebrates 2016 Accomplishments

    by Vanessa Monterosa Ed. M., ITI Program Policy Development Specialist 

    Dir. Sophia Mendoza presenting to the Board Each year, the Instructional Technology Initiative (ITI) prepares a year-end report that highlights achievements and activities. ITI has had an incredibly busy year since the Board of Education approved the Task Force Recommendations in June 2016. The recommendations propose a shift in the instructional paradigm and reframes the work that ITI is doing in partnership with schools and District leaders. We invite you to read the following article and learn about the extensive work that ITI is doing to to support the growth of all educators.


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