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Tips and Tricks
I would like to learn about important functions of MyData like system requirements.
Planning PD
This 3-page guide includes activities for before, during and after your professional development.
  My Students, Current Year Data
How can I view my current students' current year data?
  Email Account Roster
How do I access my Student Email/Account Roster?
  My Students, Prior Year Data
How can I view my current students' prior year's performance?
  My Students, End-of-Year Data
View end-of-year performance of your students from the previous year.
  At Risk and Early Warning Reports
How can I identify students at-risk of dropping out and those needing early intervention?
What report can I use to see if my school's attendance is improving over the months?
Can I compare my monthly attendance this year vs. last year?
How can I find students at my school who have 100% attendance?
What about those who have poor attendance?
What report can I use to compare the proportions of low-attendance-rate students across schools in LAUSD?
  Auto Filter in Excel
What is the Auto Filter feature in Excel and how can it help me with MyData reports?
How do I change the filters in MyData reports?
How can I print a report?
How can I download a report?
  Comprehensive History Reports
What is the academic and behavioral history for my new student?
  CAPA (California Alternate Performance Assessment)
Where can I find CAPA results in MyData?
  ELA Intervention
How do I identify which projected 6th - 9th graders need more targeted ELA
intervention? (page 7)
  Graduation Progress
Where do I find the Graduation Progress Reports?
  Email Addresses
Where can I access a list of emails addresses for all students at my school?
How can I find my school's Fitnessgram data?
  Long Term ELs
How do I identify and monitor the Long Term English Learners at my school?
  Office Discipline Referrals
What time of day do problem behaviors occur?
What patterns or trends emerge when viewing a report displaying time of incidents?
Where can I find a student's OLSAT score?
  Print Screen
Using Print Screen with MyData?
  ELD Progress Profile
How can I access the ELD Progress Profile Report?
  Elementary Marks
What are the elementary marks for each grade level for the most resent school year and reporting period?
  Gifted Students by Subgroup Report
Where can I see my school's enrollment compared to my gifted enrollment?

Gifted Identification Five-Year Trend Report
Where can I see the percentage of English Learners identified as Gifted?
How does it compare to other groups?