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2016-2017 Opening Day Procedures: Supplemental Guide and Updates, REF-6554.1, August 8, 2016 
Blood Donation 
Carlson Home/Hospital Instructions
Carlson Home/Hospital Instructional Program-Revised, BUL-1229.2, May 7. 2015 (Bulletin is in the process of revision)
Cheerleading Guidelines - BUL-6712, July 6, 2016
Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting
       2.  B - Consent for Health Assessment 
       3.  C - CHDP Letter to Parent
        1. Attachment A
        2. Attachment B
        3. Attachment C
        4. Attachment D
Condom Availability Program
     1. Attachment A - English             
Emotional Disturbance, Suspected
ESY 2016
2016 Special Education Summer Session Extended School Year (ESY) Sites, Programs, and Feeder Schools
Attachments   1. Att. A - ESY Elementary Sites 
                         2Att. B - ESY Secondary Sites 
                         3. Att. C - SPED Centers 
                         4Att. D - Itinerant Programs 
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Federal False Claim Act
                       Attachment B: California False Claim Act
Field Trip 
Field Trip Handbook, REF-2111.1, December 14, 2015 
Food Borne Illness/Contamination, Procedures
Food/Other Allergies (Severe) and Epipen
Foreign Students 
Heat Stress, Guidelines
Homeless Children and Youth in Schools
     5.  Attachment E
     7.  Attachment G
     8.  Attachment H 
     9.  Attachment I
     1.  Sample Blank Immunization Record
     2.  Sample California School Immunization Record (1/14)  
     3.  Sample Personal Belief Exemptions and CSIR (3/01)
     4.  Guide to Required Immunizations
     5.  Notice of Immunziation(s) Due (Eng/Span)
     6.  Printing CSIR from Welligent-Quick Reference Guide
REF-6629.0, January 11, 2016
Inclement Weather Conditions School Procedures
School Procedures During Inclement Weather Conditions, REF-5706.2, November 13, 2015
Individualized Educational Program (IEP)
Medical Exemption and Exclusion 
      3. Attachment B-1 
      4. Attachment C 
      5. Attachment D 
      6. Attachment E 
      7. Attachment E-1 
      8. Attachment F 
      9. Attachment G 
    10. Attachment G-1
      1. Attachment A
      2. Attachment A - Sp
      3. Attachment B_0
      4. Attachment C
      5. Attachment D
      Related Bulletin:
      1.  Bulletin Flowchart
Sale and Service of Non-School Meal Program Food/Beverages on School Campus
School Nurse State Mandated Responsibilities
Sexual Abuse, Employee-to-Student
Skin Infections
Sports Physical Clearance
Related Bulletin/Policy Document: 
Suicide Prevention
      1. Attachment A - Protocol for Responding to Students at Risk for Suicide / Self-Injury
      2. Attachment B - Suicide Risk Assessment Checklist
      3. Attachment C - Resource List
      4. Attachment D - General Guidelines for Parents (Elementary)
      5. Attachment E - General Guidelines for Parents (Secondary)
      6. Attachment F - Parent Authorization for Exchange of Information
      7. Attachment G - Student Re-Entry Guidelines
      8. Attachment H - Medical Clearance for Return to School
      9. Attachment I  - RARD
    10. Attachment J  - General Guidelines for Parents re: Self Injury and Youth
    11. Attachment K - Sample Letter to Parents
    12. Attachment L - Postvention: Protocol for Responding to Student's Death by Suicide
Transitional Kindergarten Expansion (TKE)
Expanded Transitional Kindergarten Implementation, REF-6595.0, November 5, 2015 
Universal Precautions
Ordering Universal Precautions Materials, REF-5959.2, November 3, 2015
Volunteer Services to Students