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During the first year of Public School Choice, the Board of Education voted to decide who the school operators would be.  The applicant teams that were allowed to submit applications included internal and external teams such as Charter and Partnership organizations. 

On February 23, 2010, former Superintendent Cortines presented his recommendations to the Board of Education and the decisions were made. Additionally, two more new schools participated in PSC 1.5 and were presented and voted upon by the Board on April 27, 2010.

PSC 1.0 Superintendent Recommendations to the Board
PSC 1.5 Superintendent Recommendations to the Board

PSC 1.0 Board Final Decisions
PSC 1.5 Board Final Decisions

Several teams of reviewers read the PSC 1.0 plans and the Superintendent utilized their feedback along with other data points to make his recommendations to the Board of Education. A description of the teams and their comments are available below.

PSC 1.0 Initial Review Team Recommendations
PSC 1.0 Initial Review Panel Members

PSC 1.0 Superintendent Review Team Recommendations
PSC 1.0 Superintendent Review Panel Members

Parents, students and community members of each PSC 1.0 school were invited to PSC Informational Meetings where they had the opportunity to hear Applicant Team presentations. The participants of these meetings were then given the opportunity to submit their recommendations via an Advisory Vote Recommendation Process. The League of Women Voters took the lead in managing the Advisory Vote Recommendation Process.   
Click on the links below for the results.

PSC 1.0 Advisory Results