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Salary Tables - Current

Salary Tables
2016 - 2017 School Year 


Career Increment(s) (CI) Requirements

Employees paid on both tables can earn a career increment for longevity of service with LAUSD. To earn the first career increment, an employee must have been paid on the maximum schedule (Schedule 27) and step (Steps 10-14) for five qualifying years and must have completed the multicultural coursework requirement as stated below.

Multicultural Requirement

Subsequent to being initially placed on the salary schedule (rating-in), an employee must complete a minimum of two semester units or equivalent study to qualify for schedule advancement. Multicultural courses will not be required for schedule advancements after completion of four semester units (Educational Code, section 44560-44562).

Bilingual Differential

New employees may be eligible for up to $3,060 depending on the employee's qualifications, type of school assignment, services provided, and certification held.

National Board Certification

The District pays probationary and permanent classroom teachers who hold National Board Certification an additional 15% salary compensation: 7 1/2% in recognition of their certification and 7 1/2% upon completion of 92 hours of professional duties outside the normal duties and hours.

Salary Point

A salary point is a unit of measure used by the District to determine placement/advancement on the salary table. A salary point is equivalent to one semester unit or 1.5 quarter units. As determined by the University of California, a semester unit requires a minimum of 15 contact hours with an instructor and 30 hours of outside preparation.

Master's Degree

$584 annually. Degree must have been awarded by a regionally accredited university.

Doctorate Degree

$1,168 annually. An employee with a master's degree and a doctor's or equivalent degree shall receive the doctor's differential only. Degree must have been awarded by a regionally accredited university.



For eligible employees and their eligible dependents, the District pays the entire cost of your medical, dental, vision and life insurance premiums. You may choose among the several plan options offered.


Other benefits include:

  • Employee Assistance Program (800-285-7717)
  • Life Insurance: Basic ($20,000), Optional, and AD&D Coverage
  • Tax Shelter Annuities (TSA's) 403 (b) Plans
  • Retirement Program: As a full-time certified employee, you automatically become a member of the California State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) State Mandated benefits (unemployment insurance, worker's compensation)


For further information on benefits, visit the Benefits Administration webpage.