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Class Descriptions



Human Resources maintains job descriptions for established certificated positions. These positions or groups of positions are referred to as job “classes” and have class titles and codes by which they are identified. The following is a list of currently active certificated classes in alphabetical order by class title. You may also sort the class descriptions by the class code. Please note, there are no class descriptions for Temporary Advisor positions. If the title or code that you are looking for does not appear on the list, please call a Classification and Compensation Analyst at (213) 241-6356 for assistance.


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Administrator, Division of Adult and Career Education
Administrator, Student Auxiliary Services
Adult Teacher Classes
Adult Teacher, Academic Instruction
Adult Teacher, Adults with Disabilities
Adult Teacher, English as a Second Language
Adult Teacher, Program for Older Adults
Adult Teacher, Counselor
Adviser, Work Experience Education
Area Out-of-School Program Supervisor
Arts Education Itinerant Teacher


Assistant Director, Certificated Human Resources
Assistant Director, Employee Relations
Assistant Principal, Adult Counseling Services
Assistant Principal, City of Angels School
Assistant Principal, Elementary Instructional Specialist
Assistant Principal, Elementary School
Assistant Principal, Operations, Adult and Career Education
Assistant Principal, School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Assistant Principal, Secondary Counseling Services
Assistant Principal, Secondary School
Assistant Principal, Special Education
Assistant Superintendent, Adult & Career Education
Assistant Superintendent, School Operations
Assistive Technology Assessor
Chief Academic Officer
Chief Deputy Superintendent of Schools
Chief Labor Negotiator
Clinical Psychologist


Community Representative (Classes A, C, D, and E) (Unclassified)
Coordinating Office, JROTC Programs
Coordinating School Therapist
Coordinator, Academic Decathlon
Coordinator, Adult Alternative Education Programs
Coordinator, Adult ESL, Citizenship, & Basic Education
Coordinator, Adult Personnel Services
Coordinator, Charter Schools
Coordinator, Credentialing Services
Coordinator, Health Education Programs
Coordinator, Indian Education Program
Coordinator, Integrated Compliance
Coordinator, Litigation Research
Coordinator, Outdoor Education Program
Coordinator, Private & Charter Schools
Coordinator, Psychological Services, Special Education Service Center
Coordinator, School Management Services
Coordinator, Special Education Compliance
Coordinator, Special Education Instructional Design and Support
Coordinator, Special Education Related Services
Coordinator, Student Discipline Proceedings
Coordinator, Student Integration
Coordinator, Title I Private School Program
Coordinator, Youth Relations Program
Counseling Assistant
Counselor, Elementary School
Counselor, Pupil Services and Attendance
Counselor, Secondary School
Counselor, Student Discipline Proceedings
Deputy Superintendent, Instruction
Director, Crisis Intervention
Director, District Nursing Services
Director, Educational Equity Compliance
Director, Employee Relations
Director, Instructional Media Services
Director, Instructional Television Services
Director, Interscholastic Athletics
Director, Litigation Research
Director, Mental Health Service
Director, Paraeducator Career Ladder Program
Director, Psychological Services
Director, Pupil Services
Director, Salary Allocation
Director, Special Education Related Services
Director, SPED Policies and Procedures Modified Consent Decree Monitoring
Director, Standards-Based Promotion
Director, Student Medical Services
Educational Audiologist
Elementary Mathematics Expert
Elementary Teacher
Executive Director, Adult Education and Alternative Education
Executive Director, Arts Education Program
Executive Director, Early Childhood Education


Executive Director, Federal and State Education Programs


Executive Director of Intensive Support & Intervention
Executive Director, Student Health and Human Services
Executive Director, Student Integration Services


Field Coordinator, Mental Health
Field Coordinator, Student Auxiliary Services
Field Coordinator, YS-CARE
Field Coordinator, School Nursing
Instructional Technology Application Facilitator
Instructor, JROTC
Library Media Teacher, Elementary
Library Media Teacher, Secondary
Local District Superintendent 
Organization Facilitator SHHS
Out-of-School Program Helper
Out-of-School Program Supervisor (Unclassified)
Out-of-School Program Worker
Principal, Adult Education  
Principal, Center for Enriched Studies
Principal, City of Angels School
Principal, Continuation High School
Principal, Early Education Center
Principal, Elementary School
Principal, K-12
Principal, Middle College High School
Principal, School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Principal, School for Pregnant Minors
Principal, Secondary School
Principal, Special Education
Professional Expert (Classes A, B, C, D, E, and F) (Unclassified)

Program Adviser, City of Angels School

Psychiatric Social Worker




Regional Occupational Contract Teacher


School Audiometrist
School Nurse
School Occupational Therapist, Special Education
School Optometrist
School Physical Therapist, Special Education
School Physician
School Physician - Bilingual Spanish
School Psychologist
School Recreational Therapists, Special Education
School Supervision Aide (Unclassified)
Science Expert
Secondary Teacher
Senior Executive Director, Extended Day Programs 


Senior Instructor, JROTC
Senior School Therapist
Senior Out of School Program Supervisor (Unclassified)
Special Assistant to the Superintendent
Special Education Teacher
Special Education Teacher, Transition Services
Specialist, Adapted Physical Education
Specialist, Adult Grant Development
Specialist, Adult Specially Funded Programs and Contracts
Specialist, Interscholastic Athletics
Specialist, Nutrition Network
Specialist, Parent Education
Specialist, Personnel Research & Assessment
Specialist, Psychological Services
Specialist, Special Education Compliance
Specialist, Speech and Language
Specialist, Subject Matter Generalist - Middle School
Speech and Language Pathologist
Superintendent of Schools
Teacher Adapted Physical Education K-120778
Teacher Assistant - Degree Track - New
Teacher Assistant - Non-Degree Track
Teacher Assistant - Degree Track - Continuing
Teacher, Early Childhood Education
Teacher, Early Childhood Education Day to Day Substitute
Transition Teacher Coordinator
Traveling Out-of-School Program Supervisor (Unclassifed)