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Bloodborne Pathogens Information 
Baclofen Therapy 
Central Line 
Communicable Disease
Emergency First Aid 
Non-Public Agency Provider 
School Nurse Handbook
Specialized Physical Health Care Services, Guidelines for School Nurses 
     7. Medication Form: English 
Ventricular Shunt 

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 NOTE: MiSiS users have reported that Mozilla Firefox works very well with MiSiS applications.
1. Health Screen Roster This roster was originally designed to take manual attendance but may be used as a  health screening worksheet.
       Student Mailing Labels: uses the same guide. Student Mailing Labels option is listed next to the Office Summons under Enrollment.
4. Teacher's Roster by Department by Period: This roster is for screenings preparation if using one department i.e. English or History. A pre-requisite for generating Office Summons and Health Screening Roster by department in Secondary Schools. School Nurses need to have a specific school assignment in MiSiS to run this report.
5. Updating the Health Screen: The MiSiS Health screen contains the information about student's TB/X-Ray results, Dental/Oral Health Assessment, CHDP, CAP (Condom Availability Program)
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Quick Reference Guides and Manual
   1.  Allergies 
  10.  Sports Physical Reports: Wellreport ID 2813 (Reviewed by the School Nurse);
          c.  DMM: Entering Medications
          e.  DMM Services Status Codes
          g.  How renew a protocol in DMM
Welligent Version 8 (Roll-out date: July 30, 2017)