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QueensCare Dental and Vision Program



Access to dental and vision service is a constant challenge for students and their families. A partnership with LAUSD Nursing Services, QueensCare and USC School of Dentistry provides services to the students in the central Los Angeles area. The mobile dental units serve the students in their schools with the least amount of academic interruption and provide the following services:
  • Dental services for second through fifth grade students at selected elementary schools.
  • Education for parents and students about dental care and preventive measures.
  • Dental follow-up care within a two year turn around to the same schools and assessing the success of the program.
  • A comprehensive eye exam and prescription is offered to the seventh graders at 27 selected middle schools identified as having over 75% student population receiving free or reduced lunch.
  • Referral to QueensCare outside clinics.
  • Education for students regarding the care of their eyes and the glasses received.
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