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Early Childhood Education Program



Early Childhood Educational Division (ECED) encompasses the following programs:

  • Early Childhood Education Centers and State Preschool Programs provide child supervision and promote educational, physical, creative, social and language development. Services include education, nutrition, health appraisals, parent involvement and social services. The educational program is designed to create an atmosphere which will increase potential learning.
  • Preschool Collaborative Classroom Program integrates three and four year old children eligible for special education services in a classroom with typically developing preschoolers.
  • California School Age Families Education (Cal-SAFE) Program is designed to increase the available support services necessary for enrolled pregnant/parenting students to improve their academic achievement and parenting skills. It includes a quality child care/development program for their infants at a nearby Infant Center.

School nursing support services provided include: medication administration training, first aid training, health appraisals when needed,  medical/health referrals and follow-up, communicable disease control, immunization consultation, and on-site staff inservices.



District Nursing Services 

Roybal Annex

121 N. Beaudry Avenue

Los Angeles, California 90012
Phone: (213) 202-7580
Fax:     (213) 580-6557