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Request for Restoration or Transfer of Name

This is the request to restore a name to the Classified eligibility list, if in good standing. (Revised 9/20/13)

PC 5189b


Teacher Assistant Leave Request Form  

Request for unpaid leave of absence that will extend for 21 days or more. (Rev. 9/13)

PC 5194TA


Teacher Assistant Resignation  

Teacher Assistant resigning from all employment with the Los Angeles Unified School District. (Rev. 11/13)

PC 5193TA


Information, Instructions and Conditions of Employment for Classified Substitutes

Contains the conditions of employment for classified substitutes. (Rev. 9/13)

PC 5312


Notice of Outstanding Work Performance

This form is to be filled out to provide an official record of commendation for a classified employee for outstanding work performance. (Rev.10/13)

PC 8254


Request for Reinstatement

Classified employees submit this form to request reinstatment to the classified service. (Rev. 1/14)

PC 5126


Teacher Assistant Reduction-in-Force Form

Reduction-in-Force Form for Teacher Assistants (Rev. 10/13)

PC 5009


Non-Routine Payment Request

This form is used to request pay for a classified employee that does not yet have a legal assignment. (Revised 9/13)

PC 9074


Classified Unauthorized Absence Worksheet

Form to be submitted by a department when a classified employee is absent without authorization.(Rev. 10/13)

PC 5096


Provisional Form

Accepting a temporary assignment at the Los Angeles Unified School District as a provisional employee. (Revised 10/13)

PC 6280


TA Notice of Failure to Meet Employment Standards

Lack of continuous college enrollment. (Rev. 10/13)

PC 5330TA


Request for Change of Assignment

Request for change of classified assignment (shift, basis, time, status, and classification). This is not a request for transfer form. (Rev. 9/13)

PC 5004


Application for Issuance of Teacher Assistant Certificate

Los Angeles County Office of Education form no. 503-103

LACOE 503-103


Application for Full-Time Early Education Center Aides I and II Positions

This Form should be used to request to be considered to be a candidate to fill a full-time Early Education Center Aide I or II vacancy.

Form PC 7001


Preliminary Performance Evaluation for Probationary Classified Employees

This form is used to evaluate the performance of probationary classifed employees during the probationary period.

PC 8251


Teacher Assistant/Instructional Aide Processing Form

This form is used for processing Teacher Assistant and Instructional Aide. Includes instructions on what Teacher Assistants (0953) need for employment processing.

PC Form TA 5192


Statement of Availability for Employment

A classified employee will complete the Statement of Availability to record their shift and location preferences. (Revised 6/17/11)

PC 5404


Final Performance Evaluation for Probationary Classified Employees

Final Performance Evaluation for Probationary Classified Employees.

PC 8252


Examination Appeal

Form to be completed to submit an examination appeal. (revised 11/13/2013)

PC 81


Request for Transfer (Change of work location)

Request for transfer form is to be submitted by an employee when requesting a transfer or a change of work location. Use the assignment area map as reference. (Revised 11/22/13)

PC 5005


Assignment Area Map

Assignment Area Map to be used as reference with PC Form 5005 - Request for Transfer (Change of work location) and PC Form 5004 - Request for Change of Assignment.


Day-to-Day Substitute Assignment Record

Form to be used by substitute employees in maintaining a personal record of day-to-day assignments.

PC 5311


Employee/Contractor Exit Checklist

The Employee/Contractor Exit Checklist is to be used in determining if employee/contractor has returned all district property prior to leaving the District.

PC 110


Classified Employment Processing Documentation Reference Sheet

The Classified Employment Processing Documentation Reference Sheet is used as a reference guide for appropriate documentation needed for employment processing.



Nepotism Certification Form

The Nepotism Certification Form is used for District employees and applicants in disclosing any relationship, which is covered by Personnel Commission Rule 720 prior to appointment to a position. (Revised 9/3/13)

PC 5109


Request for Personnel Action (RPA)

Request for Personnel Action is used to establish, change, and to close classified positions.

LAUSDpd 9073


Request for Diff-Supt & Board Request for Differential - Superintendent and Board Office   

PC 9075   

Request for Multiple Assignments

This form can be used to request multiple assignments for an employee who is currently working in another classification. Normally, only certain part-time employees combined with certain classifications are eligible for multiple assignments.



Performance Evaluation for Perm. Classified Administrators

This form provides the instructions and the appropriate form for performance evaluations for permanent classified administrators.

PC 8024


Teacher Assistant Evaluation Form

This form is to be filled out to evaluate the performance of a teacher assistant.

PC 5219TA


Performance Evaluation for Permanent Classified Employees

This evaluation must be completed at least once a year for each regular employee who is not serving an initial probationary period. The form is to be completed by the person who is at a supervisory level or higher.

PC 80.22a



Teacher Assistant Instructional Aide Processing

This form presents a checklist to be filled out for Teacher Assistant/Instructional Aide processing for the classified employment office.

PC 5192TA