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 PC Appeals Unit
The Appeals Unit, which is mandated by the California Education Code, is responsible for the disciplinary and examination appeals for classified employees.  The unit ensures impartially, fair treatment and due process which support the principles of the merit system. 

To file an examination appeal, an applicant needs to complete the Examination Appeal form and mail or fax the completed form to the Examination Appeals Unit of the Personnel Commission.  For rules and laws related to examination appeals, please refer to PC Rule 624

To file a disciplinary appeal, an employee must complete an “Appeal and Answer” form, which is obtained from the Employee Relations Office at (213) 241-6591. For laws and rules related to disciplinary appeals, please refer to PC Rule 901 Disciplinary Terms and Actions, PC Rule 902 Causes for Disciplinary Actions, PC Rule 903 Procedures for Disciplinary Actions and PC Rule 904 Appeals of Disciplinary or Resignation Action.


For laws and rules related to medical appeals, please refer to PC Rule 836.


For general inquiries, visit the Personnel Commission's http://achieve.lausd.net/Page/2529 section.