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To ensure that all LAUSD students are enrolled, attending, engaged, and on-track to graduate.
The purpose of the A-G Diploma Project is to provide comprehensive, evidence-based child welfare and attendance services and supports in order to increase A-G course passage and graduation rates, promote college and career readiness, and achieve the goal of zero dropouts in the Los Angeles Unified School District. 
Program Description
The A-G Diploma Program will reengage students who are not on track to meeting the A-G requirements for graduation by working with all stakeholders to implement interventions with the vision of graduation and college and career readiness for all students. The A-G Diploma Program provides; early identification, intensive case management, enrollment in appropriate educational programs and zone of support, parent engagement, and support for transitions.
Program Objectives
Program services are strategically designed to:
  • Increase the percentage of targeted students attending at 96% or higher rate
  • Decrease the percentage of targeted students who are chronically absent (attending at/below 91% rate)
  • Increase the % of parents, staff, and students who are aware of A-G requirements as reflected in the school experience survey
  • Reduce credit deficiency/the percentage of students demoted or failing to promote between grade levels for the class of 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020
  • Increase the percentage of targeted students who are on-track to on-time A-G diploma attainment/graduation
  • Identify students who qualify for exemptions from District graduation requirements as appropriate
  • Recover students who have dropped out by providing multiple pathways and assistance to support each student toward diploma/Hi-SET attainment students.    


For additional information, please contact:

Alicia Garoupa, LCSW
Interim Director, Pupil Services
(213) 241-3844
Marquis Jones
Interim Coordinator, The Diploma Project
(213) 241-2798
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