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The LAUSD Inter-district attendance policy was updated as a result of the great strides in improving educational options for students. LAUSD transfer options include but are not limited to: 
The District has also made a considerable capital investment in building new schools and renovating hundreds of existing schools.

Please Note: 

*If you live within the boundaries of LAUSD and want to request a permit to attend another school within the boundaries of the LAUSD, you do NOT need to fill out an online application. A permit application is available at all schools which needs to be signed and approved both by the school of residence and the requested school. If your permit is denied by either school an Intra-District Appeal can be filed with your local ESC. 
*Students who have a valid permit to attend a specific school may continue attendance in that same school without the need to re-apply annually to the district of residence or attendance. When the student matriculates, or there is a change of school placement, a new permit is required from the district of residence.

Online Inter-District (To or From another school district)
Application Period
February 1st - April 30th annually

Click here to Apply

*Please note we are CLOSED for the week of April 14th through April 18th* 
  • All requests are processed in the order received 
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed  
  • You will receive a response by email (or mail if no email is provided); check your junk or spam email folders.
 For additional information:
Nancy Gutierrez
Coordinator, Permits & Student Transfers
PO BOX 3307
Los Angeles, CA 90051