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Welcome to a very large family of parents, students, teachers and administrators whose overall goal is to identify Gifted and Talented students, inclucing those from diverse racial, socioeconomic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds, and provide high-quality differentiated opportunities for learning that meet students' particular abilities and talents. 
Bienvenidos a una familia grande de padres, estudiantes, maestros y administradores cuyo objectivo general es asegurar que los estudianted que demuestren una excelente capacidad o un potencial de dicha capacidad se les ayude a sacar el máximo partido de sus talentos y capacidades los cuales son singulares.
Phone: (213) 241-6500
Fax: (213) 241-8975

Upcoming Events:


Saturday 5/6/2016:  Conservatory Final Showcase

Saturday 5/20/2016: Auditions in the Performing Arts/ Demonstrations in the Visual Arts. Application window is now closed.