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What is the Arts Equity Index (AEI)?

The Arts Equity Index (AEI)
categorizes all LAUSD schools (K-12) based on the scope of their provided arts instruction, arts resources, arts professional development, Title 1 Status, and Student Equity Index (Poverty, Foster Students, English Language Learners).

How does the AEI provide equity to the schools?

Based on their category (1 - grossly underserved, 2 – underserved, 3 – developing, 4 – strong), assessments are taken to provide more equity of arts resources, and to ensure that all students have appropriate arts access and instruction.

Expansion of LAUSD Arts through the AEI (2015-2016):

  • 45 new arts teachers have been placed in the most underserved schools in the district

  • $2 million in arts allocations have been provided to all schools based upon their AEI category

  • 27 Community Arts Partners are now serving high-need schools with in-school and after school programs

  • Re-alignment of existing arts personnel to provide more equitable arts instruction

  • AEI data determines the selection of LAUSD schools in the Turnaround Arts program, led by the President's Committee on the Arts

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