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2016-2017 Student Member of the Board

Student Member of the Board

Karen Calderon


My name is Karen Calderon and I am a current junior at Alexander Hamilton High School. I am passionate about education policy and want to enter the world of politics to create reforms that will last beyond my years. My passion and love for politics and education is undeniable, and I have joined various extra-curricular activities which have helped me express those passions. I have been involved with the Associated Student Body, School Site Council, UCLA Blue and Gold Scholars, Dreamer’s Activist Leaders of Los Angeles, District 1 Board Member Student Advisory Council, United Youth of Aztlan, Big Citizen Hub, and founded the Educational Justice Club at Hamilton High School. All of these programs work towards having youth make a difference in the education system or teaching us how to organize projects that work towards alleviating social injustices. I am an incredibly driven person and everything I have done thus far has taught me to truly understand who I am and how to help other people.  I will stop at nothing to make sure I leave an impact on this world and inspire others the way others have inspired me.

Student school board member Karen Calderon joins Local District West Superintendent Cheryl Hildreth and Superintendent Michelle King at the fourth annual African American Family Day.

Seeking the 2017-2018 Student Member of the Board

2017-2018 Student Member of the Board Application

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