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Required Documentation and Procedures for Clearing Dropouts


Dropout List Due by March 17, 2016

Documentation supporting withdrawal information in MiSiS must be available when requested for audit purposes.
For students transferring to another LAUSD school, enter the appropriate withdrawal type and reason, and the name of the next school in MiSiS. However, if the student does not enroll at another LAUSD school, the student will be counted as a dropout at the last school of attendance. A Parent Assurance Letter will not remove these students from the dropout list.
For students transferring to and attending another public or private educational institution outside the district leading toward a high school diploma or its equivalent, a request for records, signed by a school official on school letterhead or a Parent Assurance Letter is considered adequate documentation. 

If the student has been verified as enrolled at a school that has not requested records, enter the appropriate information on the Transcript Request page (under Academics) in MiSiS, including the date of the contact, school name and city, and the name of the contact.


Students transferring to another California public school may be counted as a dropout if the student cannot be located in another California public school by CDE. These students will be counted as “lost transfers” and added to the dropout count for the school. 


To avoid “lost transfers,” ensure that the next California public school uses the correct Statewide Student Identifier (SSID) of the transferee. If the SSID is different, fax the discrepancy to School Information Branch at (213) 241-8969.

Reference Guide 6452.1 Outlining Graduates, Completers and Dropouts can be found here.
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