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 NBC Overview


Thank you to all of our amazing NBC Teachers for another wonderful year.
We look forward to our work together in the coming years.
National Board Certified Teacher Program

Certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) is one of the most significant achievements a teacher can attain. The Los Angeles Unified School District has the largest contingent of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) within California and is committed to encouraging the pursuit of National Board certification; a major form of job-embedded professional learning, and to providing opportunities for NBCTs to grow as teacher leaders.


Program Description
The National Board Certified Teacher Program (NBCT) identifies and provides leadership opportunities for NBCTs within the Los Angeles Unified School District.  This negotiated agreement provides probationary and permanent classroom teachers who hold National Board Certification an additional 15% salary compensation: 7 1/2% in recognition of their certification and 7 1/2% upon completion of 92 hours of professional duties outside the normal duties and hours.  Participating teachers must annually submit an action plan with their proposed activities and maintain a log of their completed qualifying activities.


 Annual Forms to be submitted (posted on the Forms page of the website)

Each year NBC Teachers must update their status.  Both of the following forms must be submitted to be eligible to continue receiving your differential. 
  • Principal Assignment Certification--to be completed by the Principal and submitted annually by the due date or when there is a change of position
  • Commitment Form/Action Plan--to be completed annually by the NBC Teacher whether hours will be submitted or not 
Understanding NBC Requirements
  • Review the NBC Website
  • Each year NBC Informational Meetings, during which program changes and guidelines are reviewed, are held in various parts of the District.  Generally this is a two hour session to be reported under Task 5.  
  • Contact your NBC Liaison--
    • Aleeta Powers:  Local Districts Northeast, Northwest and East 
    • Denise Busby:  Local Districts Central, South, West  
Continuing NBCT 

Welcome Newly Certified NBC Teachers!

  1. Please save the following dates once they are posted for the new school year:
    1. UTLA Newly Certified NBC Recognition
    2. LAUSD Newly Certified NBC Recognition and Orientation (we will share guidelines for the 92 hours at this event)

NBC Information and Resources

Thank you again for your dedication to demonstrating exemplary reflective teaching practices. 

Reminder: Tasks 1- 9 of the 14-15 revised NBC Tasks are approved upon submission of your Action Plan, however, you are responsible for understanding and following the posted guidelines for implementation and documentation of each Task.

Task 10 is never pre-approved--written confirmation from your NBC liaison is required prior to implementation.



LAUSD New Hire Support

Sponsored by the Teacher Support Unit

(213) 241-5495 


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NBC Candidate Information

For those looking for information on beginning the National Board Certification process, looking to renew certification or looking for support in preparation for retaking one or me or more sections please visit the Support Network website for information.   


Contact Michael de la Torre of The Support Network, www.thesupportnetwork.net, for candidate support options.

California Department of Education – National Certification for Teachers

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards


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